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Paper Robot Hand 


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Paper Robot Hand 

Written By: Chris Connors 


• Needle (1) 

• Scissors (1) 

• Stapler (1) 

• paper, pencil, other drawing materials 



• File folder (1) 

• 8-1/2x11 in. construction paper (1) 

• Tape, clear adhesive (1) 


This project is based on the one on pages 60-61 in Kathy Ceceri's book on Robotics 
To see more photos and information, check the Flickr set . 

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Paper Robot Hand 

• Trace your hand onto a quarter 
sheet of file folder. Tape or staple a 
half sheet of printer paper behind 
the traced hand. Cut the traced 
hand out. Tape the file folder 
fingers to the paper backing as you 
cut out the tracing. 

• When the hand is cut out, the paper 
and folder should be lined up and 
cut accurately. Mark the location of 
the knuckles. Cut " from the file 
folder at each knuckle, making 
sure each segment stays in place. 

• Experiment with the location of the 
straws in the hand area. Checking 
with your hand anatomy textbook 
may influence their placement. 

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Paper Robot Hand 

• Cut the straws into segments that 
are shorter than the finger 
segments. Tape them down to the 
finger segments on the file folder 

• Use the needle to poke through the 
finger tip, and guide the thread 
through the straws you've taped in 
place. Tape the end of the thread to 
the back of the finger tip. Make a 
slot down at the wrist to hold the 
thread and keep it from tangling 
with the others. 

Operate the hand: Pull the strings, 
and your fingers will move. When 
you let go, they will fall back. You 
can pull on several, all or just one 
string to operate the fingers. 

You may need to tape the hand 
down to a table or board for single- 
handed operation. 

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Paper Robot Hand 

• Extensions: Attach your robotic hand to a yard stick and bring the strings down. 

• Rebuild the hand with more robust materials, such as wood, fabric, report cover plastic, 
PVC pipe, tubes made of ball-point pen parts and more. 

• Use 3D printed parts for the hand. Operate the finger movements with more rigid elements, 
such as guitar string or craft wire. 

• Motorize the movement with solenoids, servos or DC motors. Use a microcontroller to 
operate the finger movement. 

• Create a remote control with another hand and a Makey Makey and have your friend 
operate it from another country. 

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